Current Officers

  • President*- Sandra Michele Echols
  • Vice President*- Tiffany Alston
  • Donna Hoke Scholarship*- Tracy Crawford & Simone Yearwood
  • Fundraising*- Cheryl Branche & Sandra Michele Echols
  • Membership & Recruiting*- Cheryl Branche, Andrew Jackson, & Shauntee Simpson
  • Programming*- Richard Ashby, Sheilah Bobo, Syntychia Kendrick-Samuel, Enyi Okezie, Donald Peebles, Aletta Seales, Shauntee Simpson, & Simone Yearwood
  • Librarian's Ball*- Tiffany Alston, Richard Ashby, Linda Bannerman-Martin, Sandra Michele Echols, Syntychia Kendrick-Samuel, Enyi Okezie, Phyllis Mack, Aletta Seales, & Shauntee Simpson
  • Publicity*- Enyi Okezie, Donald Peebles, & Shauntee Simpson
  • Recording Secretaries*- Linda Bannerman-Martin & Aletta Seales
  • Secretary*- Syntychia Kendrick-Samuels
  • Treasurers*- Richard Ashby, Linda Bannerman-Martin, & Enyi Okezie

Mission Statement


As an affiliate of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association, Inc.

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